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23 Nov 2023

Hi Everyone,We've just rolled out several improvements to priority species list functionality.Priority species lists are lists of species of particular ecological importance that government, ecologist...

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NatureMapr Data Collector App update

Threatened Species Commissioner meeting and Nov 2023 update

Addition of Threatened Species Action Plan 2022-2032 Priority Species

Fortnightly Update


Darcy wrote:
24 Nov 2023
G'day @PineGrove, do you have a picture of this sighting that you can attach? We can't confirm the sighting otherwise

Calocephalus citreus
Tapirlord wrote:
17 Nov 2023
How thick Is thick? This strikes me as D.tarda over D.longifolia, but if the leaves are more than a centimetre across when flattened then this will be D.longifolia.

Dianella tarda
KL wrote:
6 Nov 2023
great photo!

Hydromys chrysogaster
KylieWaldon wrote:
6 Nov 2023
its like a mirror!

Macropus giganteus
KL wrote:
4 Nov 2023
have added some more photos

Chloris truncata

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