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18 Apr 2022

Hi All,We've just extended our coverage to be Australia wide with the addition of SA, NT, TAS and WA regions. This means you can simply open the NatureMapr mobile app anywhere in Australia and upload sightings from anywhere! And it will go through to the respective region.We now have a lot more work...

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Latest discussion

Tapirlord wrote:
9 May 2022
Hi KL, this definitely looks like a wattle to me, I can see the phyllode veins. So I put this through the key on wattle two, (my key of choice for Australian wattles), assuming this isn't planted, and got three potential results. Acacia halliana, has similar-looking foliage, but the phyllodes are not pointing upwards, whereas they are in your plant so I feel this is unlikely. Acacia loderi, has phyllodes that look a little thin to me and is tree forming so have also discounted that.This leaves Acacia ligulata, which looks like the most likely ID to me, as it occurs in Riverina and mallee habitats and has similar-looking phyllodes with the hooked tips. The plant in your photograph looks to be only a couple of years old so the appearance of the foliage will change over time as the plant matures, but from the pictures of adult shrubs that I have seen everything looks pretty similar. :)

Unidentified Wattle (TBC)
SamC_ wrote:
24 Apr 2022
Great work team!

NatureMapr coverage now includes SA, NT, TAS and WA
19 Apr 2022
This is a great enhancement, I just need to work out how I can travel to SA, NT, TAS and WA so that I can contribute sightings.

NatureMapr coverage now includes SA, NT, TAS and WA
Topknot wrote:
19 Apr 2022
That's brilliant - well done Aaron and Jen and everyone else involved!

NatureMapr coverage now includes SA, NT, TAS and WA
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