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MichaelB smashes through the 10,000 sighting barrier!

Posted by AaronClausen

 17 Sep 2023

A very sincere congratulations to CNM administrator Michael B for reaching a monumental milestone - TEN THOUSAND SIGHTINGS.

If it wasn't for all the assistance MichaelB has given me with refining and shaping the platform over many years, I think he would have likely hit this milestone much earlier!

I am very glad to see that he's been able to report a few more sightings lately and quietly crept over the 10K barrier the other day while nobody was looking.

I want to take this opportunity to genuinely thank MichaelB for everything he has done and continues to do for NatureMapr. Not only has MichaelB helped us nurture and grow our amazing community, but he has invested countless hours working with me directly to identify and test bugs, develop new ideas and shape functionality so that the platform can be the best it can be.

MichaelB joined CNM on 15 May 2014 when Michael Mulvaney and I asked if he'd be interested in helping us out as NatureMapr's first Administrator that wasn't Michael M or myself.

Michaelb is also one of the very few people that have developed an intimate understanding of the inner workings of the platform and every single feature from end to end! He is typically my first "go to" person when we need extremely thorough, reliable and accurate testing and user experience advice. He has also supported me through some challenging times as the platform became successful and went through some growing pains.

Congratulations MB on hitting 10K sightings - CNM and NatureMapr wouldn't be what it is without your tireless efforts.

What an incredible achievement and contribution to the knowledge of future generations that also coincides wonderfully with NatureMapr's 10 year anniversary.


   17 Sep 2023
totally awesome! WD Michael B :)
   17 Sep 2023
epic contributor
Harrisi wrote:
   17 Sep 2023
10 out of 10 Michael B !!!
jksmits wrote:
   17 Sep 2023
Sneaked that in! Well done MB love your work
Wendyp5 wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Excellent! Congratulations to all three of you. It’s a brilliant thing
   18 Sep 2023
YES Michael B is totally awesome
VeraKurz wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Congratulations Michael. What wonderful work you (and everyone on CNM) do. It means a lot
mlech wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Thanks so much MichaelB!! We really appreciate your work (and all the other moderators) expertise and guidance.
rainer wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Not only an outstanding effort but from a true gentleman and a scholar too! Congratulations Michael!
   18 Sep 2023
Thanks Michael, I'm grateful for your amazing contribution to CNM.
Fefifofum wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Wow. Amazing contribution. Thank you
RodDeb wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Congratulations on reaching 10,000 sightings. Thank you very much for all the effort you put in behind the scenes as well.
   18 Sep 2023
Congratulations Michael, all the hard work has been suitably recognised.
MattM wrote:
   18 Sep 2023
Congratulations Michael, and thanks for all your hard work to make the platform what it is today!
michaelb wrote:
   19 Sep 2023
Thanks Aaron and everyone. It has been an amazing journey, building this knowledge base up from virtually nothing. It has also been a privilege to work with such talented and good-hearted people. The natural world is fascinating and beautiful. I'm glad to be able to help others who care about our Aussie plants and animals and to share my photos with people who appreciate them.
ConBoekel wrote:
   24 Sep 2023
Thank you, michaelb. Much appreciated.
   28 Sep 2023
Congratulations Michael B what a spectacular achievement!
jb2602 wrote:
   29 Sep 2023
Thanks Michael for your extraordinary contribution to CNM and assistance along the way

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