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Turnix velox

Little Buttonquail at suppressed

Turnix velox at suppressed - 22 Oct 2021
Turnix velox at suppressed - 22 Oct 2021
Turnix velox at suppressed - 22 Oct 2021
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Identification history

Turnix velox 27 Oct 2021 natureguy
Turnix velox 26 Oct 2021 Liam.m
Pedionomus torquatus 26 Oct 2021 Darcy

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User's notes

Very excited to find a male juvenile Plains Wanderer. Went out to Terrick Terrick NP with a local resident involved in the monitoring. Heard a couple calling, which was exciting enough, and practically by pure chance came across this little guy. They're a lot smaller than you'd think. Was hard to get a good picture in the dark without a good camera.


Liam.m wrote:
   26 Oct 2021
Hi Darcy,
Not a plainsie, bill isn’t yellow. Looks like a little buttonquail
Darcy wrote:
   26 Oct 2021
Hey Liam, the experts we had with us were pretty certain that this was a juvenile male, less than a year old. The young wanderers don't have a particularly yellow bill. My blurry photo doesn't really help :/
natureguy wrote:
   27 Oct 2021
Hi Darcy, I agree with Liam, I'm quite confident this is a Little Buttonquail as opposed to a Plains-Wanderer. The greyish bill colour and chunkier bill structure is a very prominent feature (compared to finer, yellow bill in PW) and also a distinct lack of any streaking on the buffy chest/breast, where streaking would be present in all ages of Plains-wanderers. Even in young Plains-wanderers the bill is a pale creamy colour, as opposed to grey in this bird. The pale streaks on the crown and back also fit better with Little Buttonquail, rather than with the scalloping pattern on PW's. Also, the horizontal stance of the bird, low to the ground, suits Little Buttonquail over Plains-wanderer, which typically have a more upright stance, with longer legs.
Hope you understand, and sorry if this contradicts your guides' opinions.
Even though it isn't a Plains-Wanderer, Little Buttonquail are still interesting and uncommon birds, and are often quite nomadic in their widespread range.
Liam.m wrote:
   27 Oct 2021
Thanks for confirmation Luke
Liam.m wrote:
   20 Nov 2021
Hi Darcy,
Since it’s a lbq, which aren’t nearly as rare as plainsies, is there a way in which it can be removed from significant sightings?
Darcy wrote:
   20 Nov 2021
@Liam.m Has that done it?
Liam.m wrote:
   20 Nov 2021
Yep thanks

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  • Not Sensitive
  • Local Native
  • Non-Invasive

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  • 1 Abundance
  • 22 Oct 2021 09:29 PM Recorded on
  • Darcy Recorded by

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